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Lake Saimaa is something that you have never seen or experienced before. It is the largest lake in Finland and it has been listed as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Lake Saimaa is worth visiting all year around. During summer Lake Saimaa is one of the holiday destinations for Finns. There are numerous amount of activities to do from fishing to music festivals. There is something for everyone. When autumn arrives one can experience the pure nature of the Finnish wilderness and see the nature starting to prepare itself for the winter. Enjoy the silence and harmony of the surrounding nature during the winter season. When spring starts to melt the winter away one can see the rebirth of nature and feel the warmth of the sun once again.

Experience the Healing magic of forest

Nature365 Resort Lake Saimaa is a unique oasis indulging all your senses. Located in tranquil surroundings by Lake Saimaa, our resort offers relaxation, recreation and wellbeing every day of the year. Look at the stars and listen to the ripple of Lake Saimaa from your bed.? Enjoy the comfort of a modern hotel? Nature365 Resort Lake Saimaa offers a variety of different kind of accommodation. The historical Restaurant Mansion at Nature365 Resort Lake Saimaa is well-known for its food and is frequently visited by the locals. At the resort there are various possibilities for different kind of activities and wellbeing services. We are here to serve you.

What Our Guests Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say.

Beautiful place with nice rooms and excellent service. Breakfast was smallish, but the selection was good. The staff was really helpful when their help was needed. The hotel area included tennis courts, a minigolf, and a beach volley field. The massive oak trees were a beautiful addition.
am ma
Lovely and peaceful hotel near Mikkeli. Nature is close here.
Täällä on erikoisia tyyppejä näytillä 😀 mielikuvitusta ja taitavaa materiaalien käyttöä Näissä teoksissa aika hauska näyttely käymisen arvoinen kohde parkki alue aivan vieressä tässä nopea poiketa jos taide kiinnostaa
playground, dragon, beach-7925455.jpg
Now it's hard coverage. The best site - Naivism - scrap art since the Iittala summer exhibition.
little pied cormorant, microcarbo melanoleucos, cormorant-7911240.jpg
kari juhani
Very good food! Beach restaurant IT IS really nice place (especially in good weather:) )
cliff, travel, sea-7930586.jpg
Modern, spacious rooms. They have many opportunities for activities such as biking, tennis, mini-golf. They have a sauna in the lower level and another down by the lake. Dining is in a restored building which once served as a "place of healing" for wounded soldiers during the last war with the former USSR.
baby, child, father-2616673.jpg
j jakson
Very friendly and good place to stay
port, north sea, sea-7930718.jpg
A fine mansion and hotel complex. A quiet hotel, the rooms were really clean and stylish. It is located a short distance from the center of Mikkeli, which is why it is worth having a car in traffic. I liked very much.
bernese mountain dog, cherry blossoms, dog-7928156.jpg
So it's a perfect destination, we're a +60 couple from Kuopio and we've been here over Christmas too, yes, there are nice outdoor areas and a really historic milieu.
flower, rose, botany-7925599.jpg
raino kari
Stayed there last summer. The rooms are good. Cramped, but everything is new. The breakfast is hearty, quite decent. Opposite the main building on the left in the bushes is a Russian "three-inch" cannon, inherited by the locals during the collapse of the Empire. The gun is interesting in that it has been upgraded at a Finnish factory.
gull, wings, bird-7931236.jpg
Александр Прозин

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