Fall in love with autumn

In mid-September, the ruska begins in Lapland. This is what the Finns call "the autumn colors," when the foliage changes into bright shades of red, orange, and yellow. It’s most intense in the far north but remains impressive throughout the whole country as it slowly moves south over the next several weeks. It's the grand finale of the summer and heralds the arrival of winter.

Amazing Things for You

In autumn the daily mean temperature remains below 10°C. Autumn begins around the last week of August in northern Finland and about one month later in southwestern Finland. The growing season ends in autumn when the mean daily temperature drops below 5°C. This occurs around the last week of September in northern Finland and in late October or early November in southwestern Finland.

Thus the average length of the growing season is 180 days in the southwestern archipelago, 140 to 175 days elsewhere in southern and central Finland and 100 to 140 days in Lapland. The first snow falls in northern Finland in September and elsewhere in October.

Beautiful autumn colors


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Various hiking routes in Kyyhkylä terrains. Did you know that the bird in our logo got its shape from the nature trails in the Kyyhkylä area? Along our hiking route, there is a Hut (which can be rented separately) and a Porch for enjoying snacks. Our nature trails are suitable for the whole family. You can rent a backpack with sausage sticks, and a headlamp, and we can prepare tasty snacks to take with you for an additional price.


we have an indoor gym for our guests.

#Our indoor gym will provide our guests with various high-end latest techno equipment suitable for everyone.
#Keep your body toned/fit
#Technique to recover after injury at the Rehabilitation level with our well-trained supervision physiotherapists.
#Well-equipped to facilitate the elderly population

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Surrounded by pure nature and clear water Saimaa. Paddling calms the mind and refreshes the body.

With us, you can find canoes either alone or with a friend. 

#Wonderful outdoor activity in such a Paradise world of Nature
#Low-impact activities improve your aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility
#Improve cardiovascular fitness
#Increase muscle strength
#The feeling of happiness and calmness state
Peaceful inside/out


  more than 4 hours

Beach sauna

What water doesn’t invigorate and tar doesn’t heal, sauna does!

Come and relax in Saimaa, relax in the heat of the sauna and enjoy wonderful food. In our beach sauna, you can spend fun Bachelor parties, smaller family parties or company evenings.

The Beach Sauna, suitable for about 20 people, can be reserved for private use all year round. An additional order can also be arranged for your use. In addition to the sauna and washrooms, the facilities include a sauna room, where we are happy to give you an offer on food and drinks.

The beach sauna is a drinking area and bringing your own drinks is strictly prohibited. 

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