Wonderful Springs

Finland's springs offer a refreshing escape, where crystal-clear waters emerge from beneath the earth, providing a serene oasis amidst the captivating landscapes. These natural wonders beckon visitors to bask in their purity and tranquillity, adding a touch of enchantment to Finland's already spellbinding scenery.

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Finland comes alive during the Springs months.

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Begin your journey by taking a cruise around Saimaa Lake and admiring its beauty. which is the sixth-largest lake in the world. The Puumala seal-watching cruises will continue in the coming spring and summer. The likable Saimaa ringed seal is one of the rarest seals in the world, and it only lives in Lake Saimaa in Finland. The landscapes in Puumala are fantastic, and over 20 Saimaa seals live in the area.

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Kayaking is a fantastic way to explore Finland, the land of tens of thousands of lakes. Paddlers will undoubtedly encounter breathtaking scenery and natural silence, as well as mysterious rock art, wildlife, and possibly even rare species such as the Saimaa ringed seal.

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Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in Finland. Most lakes, rivers, and seashores offer fishing opportunities. There are many bodies of water in Finland, so anglers can easily choose between wilderness areas and city center locations for fishing. Perch and pike are two of the most common fish caught. Zander, whitefish, and salmonids can also be found in some bodies of water.

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Everyone will find a destination that matches their level of ability. On a calm day, the best place to learn is a quiet inland lake or a slow-flowing river. As you progress, you can take your canoe or kayak to the faster-flowing rivers or even to the Baltic Sea on a windy day. The vast water bodies and numerous islands in Lake Saimaa and the Baltic Sea, with their breathtaking scenery, allow you to canoe for hours, days, or even weeks. Northern Finland has fast-flowing rapids for those looking for adventure.

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Sup board

SUP boards are used for short-day trips on lakes, beaches, or rivers. However, a small number of people prefer a paddleboard to a kayak or canoe for multi-day trips, mostly descending along the river as far as they want to go. This style of exploration is not hard in Finnish Lapland. It is full of rivers, most of them eventually flowing into the Gulf of Bothnia, with a few flowing east to Russia and north to Norway and the Arctic Sea. The biggest river basin in Finland, Kemijoki, covers most of Lapland. It and other rivers in Lapland give adventurers endless possibilities to explore and see the beauty of northern nature from a different point of view.

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Electric boat

Finland's archipelagos and thousands of lakes are ideal for boating. You do not even need your own boat, as you can use public waterway transport, for example, the boarding crafts between islands in the archipelagos. Also, many municipalities and private entrepreneurs offer boat transport.

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Tour biking is a relaxed activity that allows you to experience some of Finland's most spectacular natural areas and other attractions on two wheels. Tour biking is a fun activity in and of itself, but it's also a great way to get around if you don't have a car. Tour biking is faster than walking and allows you to see more in a single visit. Finland is a relatively flat country, which makes tour biking an ideal activity for families and enthusiastic cyclists alike.

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Finland is a hiker and backpacker's dream, with 40 national parks. Hiking is the most popular way to explore Finland's natural areas. It truly is suitable for everyone. The diverse network of trails in Finland’s national parks and other protected areas allows one to go on a few-hour walk, take a day hike, or do an overnight backpacking trip. Nature, wildlife, beautiful scenery, and a wilderness feel can all be found while hiking in Finland.

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National park hiking

Finland is abundant with wildlife. It is a relatively large country that stretches from the 60th parallel (Helsinki) to the 68th parallel (Utsjoki), crossing the Arctic Circle in southern Lapland. Nature and wildlife are diverse in a large area. Lapland's fells have different birds and animals than the islands and shores of the coast and archipelago or the wilderness areas near the Russian border. If you are fortunate enough, all regions of Finland offer plenty to see.

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Seals hunting

In the Baltic Sea, the gray seal is the largest. The gray seal, Halichoerus grypus, is the largest and most abundant seal species in the Baltic Sea. There are currently approximately 42,000 individuals residing in the Baltic Sea, one-third of whom reside in the marine areas of Finland. The number of gray seals is estimated based on assessment flights conducted during the moulting season in the spring. Adult males are easy to identify because of their ”Roman noses,” and they may reach up to 300 kilograms in weight. Female gray seals are paler in color and leaner, with body weights usually remaining below 150 kilograms.

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More than 150 golf courses can be found in Finland. Check. Championship-level courses. Leisure golf is also available. Lake views, yes. Check for views of the sea. Of course, there are pay-and-play courses with rental clubs. The season typically runs from May until the end of October, but be surprised—some courses might stay open on Christmas too! And our summers—well, nowhere else can you play Midnight Golf in clear daylight. Yes, our northernmost golf courses keep their greens open 24/7. Welcome to playing golf in Finland.

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Nature trails

Hiking in a large group has advantages and disadvantages. Going out in a group is often more fun and less expensive because the costs can be shared among a larger number of people. It also makes you feel safer to have more people around you. In a larger group, you have to consider everybody, however, and the distance you cover each day must be tailored to the weakest member of your group. A larger group size means that you are more limited in your options for accommodation, either regarding the size of campsites or the capacity of reservable huts.

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Yoga is the motion of the breath. Its success is based on the meditative effect of the asanas, or poses, which help bring a sense of calm and equanimity. Yoga goes beyond fitness by grounding us in our mind-body connection. A decade into my yoga practice, I’ve decided to start teaching again in Helsinki. As a result, I visited several of the capital's main yoga studios. There are several studios in the greater Helsinki district that offer a variety of disciplines:

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10 Days of Silence and 100 Hours of Meditation Benefits Awareness has grown. It is impossible to change if you are unaware. Maintaining a calm demeanor. The primary teaching of Vipassana meditation is this. Impermanence. … detox from life. Happiness. … Learning to fail... Calmer. … Broader perspective.

Forest meditation

Forest meditation is the act of creating a healing experience for yourself. It is about finding the strength of mountains, the compassion of trees, and the wisdom of water. The goal of forest meditation is to grow as a person


You are invited to take off all your clothes and go to a little room heated to almost 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit), where you will sit naked with others for a while and sweat. Then you will go outside and jump (still naked) through a small hole in the ice on a lake, the sea, or whatever and refresh yourselves in the freezing water—or roll in the snow instead. In short, “What about a sauna?” The answer should be straightforward. Say "yes," because if you don't, you'll miss out on a deliciously relaxing experience that will provide invaluable insight into the culture and mentality of your Finnish hosts.

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