Nature365 Resort


The area of Ruka-Kuusamo is known of its magnificent nature just one step away from your door. The region of Kuusamo has several national parks with unique nature to explore. In the gorgeous Oulanka National Park landscape, you can experience hiking trails, hanging bridges, most impressive waterfalls by foot, by canoe, by bike, on skis or by snowshoes. Pure waters, clean air and fresh forests invite you to get overwhelmed by the mystical light of the summer nights and the calming silence of the nature. Some of the most lifechanging memories are made in the encountering with the arctic wildlife, walking among the free reindeers and watching the nightly life of the brown bears brings you truly back in connection with the wild nature. Experiencing this unique nature is the best way to unwind tension and relax the body and mind.

During winter the amount of different activities is breathtaking. The ski resort Ruka offers different winter sport possibilities from downhill skiing to sledding and almost anything that you can do on a hill. Village of Ruka has plenty of possibilities for shopping local products and handicrafts. There are also several restaurants and nightclubs in the village. For peace and quiet the national parks are achievable also during winter. Winter is also the season to see Aurora Borealis, the northern lights.