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Fitness challenge

If you wish to take your fitness to a greater level and diversify your threshold training to further enhance your physical fitness, strength, and endurance, then you can most certainly achieve this with NATURE365 RESORT FITNESS CHALLENGE Retreat. This intensive retreat is also for those looking to push themselves beyond their previous echelons. Designed to raise your fitness levels by crafting a regime of path-breaking diagnostics, diet plans, and workouts, that are all personalized for you, the FITNESS CHALLENGE Retreat is one of the best fitness retreats.

Restorative Physiotherapy

Injury Management and Rehabilitation Take care of your body… it’s the only place you have to live in. Most people tend to only think of physical therapy, or physio, as exercises to only rehabilitate post an illness, injury, or surgery. All the slight physical misalignments we accumulate as a result of our daily habits – including a sedentary lifestyle, improper movement, or even poor posture, eventually adversely impact our health, manifesting in myriad symptoms ranging from inflammation, low energy, poor digestion, to debilitating aches and pains. The answer to these niggling problems compromised physical alignment, and injury management is addressed in an integrated manner in NATURE365 RESORT RESTORATIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY retreat. NATURE365 RESORT RESTORATIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY is a diagnosed medical program, which offers personalized consultations and treatments, for the reversal and management of a range of physical conditions. While addressing both the health and well-being aspects, this physiotherapy treatment retreat restores optimal physical function and performance

Holistic Health

There is a multitude of factors that define good health and wellness; environmental pollution, oxidative stress, or trauma are major contributing factors to the onset and progression of illness in life…and when you decide to combat these preventively, you are taking the crucial first step towards wellness. Good mental health and physical enhancement can always be worked upon… The HOLISTIC HEALTH is our emotional healing retreat that provides you with the right environment to heal from all the negative irritants in day-to-day life, and helps address your chosen life goals; This you can proactively work towards at NATURE365 RESORT, your holistic health retreat center, and achieve true wellness of your soul, mind, and body. This emotional healing retreat is all about helping you reset the chakras, release the toxins, undo the emotional knots, and consequently get to an optimal level, both physically and mentally, with the use of alternative medicine healing techniques. This emotional retreat will gravitate you towards better wellness and life enhancement experience. All of us as individuals should and need to invest in our mental health, and this emotional retreat recuperates this and more!

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Ayurveda Panchakarma

THE ANCIENT SCIENCE AT NATURE365 RESORT IS WHERE YOU DISCOVER, CLEANSE, AND AWAKEN YOUR HEALING ENERGIES AND SENSES. The Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment in Finland is an ancient Vedic practice of healing. This traditional retreat at Nature365 Resort is where you can partake in a journey of discovery, cleansing, and awakening of your natural healing energies and senses.

Journey Through Yoga

If you are looking at deepening your current practice of Yoga or even looking at starting anew on the inspiring path of Yoga, then the JOURNEY THROUGH YOGA retreat at NATURE365 RESORT will provide you with the right guidance. You can imbibe the principles of Yoga as you experience its wonderful lifestyle benefits. This authentic yoga retreat at NATURE365 RESORT is not only about learning movement and breath congruence but becomes your very way of living. Yoga in fact, contrary to laymen’s beliefs does not alone focus on flexibility but is renowned for its perceptive spiritual, and physical healing abilities. After all, even the simplest practice of the yoga asanas with the right breathwork and intention, facilitates a calmer and quieter mind, along with proven health benefits for your overall well-being.

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Weight management

Feeling good on the inside translates to feeling good on the outside and this is an important goal for our eventual health and well-being. Weight issues, while rooted in the imbalances of the physical self, are many a time a culmination of the mental and emotional self too; the imperfection in these factors impacts our self-worth, and individual appearance and sometimes even demotivates us towards achieving true health. The WEIGHT BALANCE retreat at NATURE365 RESORT is a weight management package that allows you to kick start a new way of thinking, and make self-enhancing lifestyle choices and this consequently empowers you to make informed and positive changes to your life

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Master cleanse

If you are looking to delve into the pure health enhancement benefits gained from detoxification, then MASTER CLEANSE is just the retreat for you. Immersed in traditional naturopathic principles alongside modern cleansing sciences, the MASTER CLEANSE detox retreat (FINLAND) enables prime cellular detoxification of body, mind, and soul. The detoxification ritual is an ancient form of ceremony, which celebrates the body as a temple to the soul, and hence believes in keeping the body in a revered state of balance. Modern science too validates this artful practice of toxic elimination which promotes life enhancement and longevity. Regular detoxification and cleansing will provide your body with the opportunity to favorably align itself with the body’s emotions and natural surroundings. This cleanse helps eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals stored inside the cells, which if left unchecked have a detrimental effect on aging, resulting in chronic and acute disease manifestation.

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Spa life

SPA LIFE is the perfect getaway retreat for you when you are looking for some ‘me-time and just want to relax and experience the ultimate in spa pampering and savor organic plant-based formulas and rich nutrient-infused wellness cuisine. This wellness journey with our restorative collection of regal treatments including daily treatments, body polishes, and holistic therapies, will gently melt your stress away and give you a visible transformation. Experience a journey of magnificent treatments for your body and senses combined with the most refined, organic, and wildcrafted botanical extracts rich in Pranic life force. Experience the best rejuvenating therapies here.

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Radiance Ritual

The engagement selfie is just the start of the starry journey ahead for every modern bride and groom, and what better way to prep for the ultimate wedding extravaganza coming your way than to get wedding-ready in the rejuvenating crystal NATURE365 RESORT Valley of wellness? When looking for that crucial mind-body-spirit enhancement, we recommend you come here for the RADIANCE RITUAL RETREAT that has you beaming inside out.

The Super Immunity Program

As with most viral infections, recovery from COVID also takes about a month for people with serious symptoms, provided certain lifestyle protocols are diligently followed. Without taking care of our health, we may experience various subclinical discomforts in the future. We now know that even after a COVID infection, we can achieve an excellent recovery rate (now above 90%). Most people are recovering well from infections and gradually resuming their old lifestyles. In some cases, however, while a virus may not be active in the body, caution must be practiced daily to maintain immunity and health.

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Natural Treatment

Simply said, diseases that are caused by a person’s lifestyle account for 60% to 70% of all medical visits. The fastest-growing causes of death and disability in the world today are lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other non-communicable diseases. Diseases connected to a person’s way of life are referred to as lifestyle diseases. This is frequently brought on by poor lifestyle decisions, which may include smoking, drinking, abusing drugs, and engaging in unhealthy eating habits.

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Healing Forest

Healing Forest takes you on an inner journey, to create remarkable changes in your life through nature. Discover priceless ways to cultivate a calm mind, a healthy body, and fulfilling relationships. Let’s learn the secrets of healing in nature, with nature, and know how to deal with the chaos of our times. This healing center was built in a pine-dominated forest because studies have shown that coniferous trees, particularly pine trees, release specific oil compounds known as phytoncides to protect themselves from certain bacteria and viruses. According to numerous studies, these substances aid in the creation of natural killer (NK) cells in our blood, which fight infections and the spread of cancer while boosting immunity in general. Tree-hugging has been found to have a positive effect on the level of feel-good hormones like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, creating a pleasant effect. In countries like Iceland, the forest department has been working to facilitate this activity for the benefit of the public.

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